Frequently Asked Questions

Silver in its purest form is always too soft to be used as jewelry. In order to come out of this, people add copper with silver to make it strong and improve durability. Coppers exposed to sulfur-containing gases in the air reacts and as a result tarnishes. The process of tarnishing results in a change of color for the silver. It is a natural process which cannot be avoided in any circumstances. Also some specialists specify that people with high acidic levels are more prone to the metal reactions with silver and as a result turn the color to dark brown and black.

One of the main essence of our product is the genuinity of the gemstones. Our team has well qualified gemologists who continuously work for gaining natural products. Apart from this, the guarantee section of this website very well expresses its intention about the product.

Shipping can be done through Air Cargo, Land/Sea Cargo, Air Mail and Sea Mail or in short logistics can be done in terms of clients requirements. There are various international shipping companies providing services in Nepal like DHL, Aramaex, TNT Services, UPS, etc. The charges for shipping are always exclusive of what the company asks for the products. Costs for shipping is always determined by the shipping companies and are incurred by the receiving ends.

There are various payment gateways discussed in our payment section.

Any designs related to handworks are always welcome. We have a highly experienced and well-qualified team that is always keen on satisfying client’s needs.