"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand."


We aim at claiming a position where jewellery is defined in terms of its artistic handwork and its continuous existence where the talent of artists is judged by its expertise in creativity, workmanship and experience.


We design and handcraft contemporary with the fusion of modern jewelry made in sterling silver and only natural gemstones. Our team extracts raw materials and turns them into beautiful and elegant jewelleries. The company offers an alternative to clients who enjoy trendy jewelry while minimizing their investment and receiving the utmost quality.


Our objective is to create a jewelry manufacturing company whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations. The utilization of contemporary design and mixing up with modern concepts is what the company’s target for the year. We are working to increase the number of designs offered by 8% which tends to develop a profitable home based company.

About Us

Our Commitment Towards Customer Satisfaction

Vinayak Craft is not just a company owned by few people rather it is an organization that holds 28 craftsmen together. We work as a team who is dedicated to meet customer needs by working everyday to come up with new designs and gaining access to natural gemstones that are not easily available. As well as our artists hold and also attend jewellery seminars and workshops for upgrading their skills.

Our Team

Punit Gupta


Rohit Gupta

Managing Director/Production Head

Ismita Tamang

Jewelry Designer

Pramila Shrestha

Sales Executive

Our Story

1955 - 2000


Kathmandu Durbar Square is where it all started for the company. The birth of the company can be dated back from the time when there were very few tourist industries in Nepal. Nepalese jewellery did not have more exposure to the outer world, however, tourism helped our product to reach in different countries.

2000 - 2006


The rise of the jewellery market. This period is the golden period for the company. Buyers from many countries were attracted. Soon the company found that the market has got high potential and so the company adjusted itself by adding more and more artists as well as stored gems from many countries.


What goes around comes around

As the law of nature suggests, there is nothing that is constant and neither are businesses. The company found itself in the position from where it started many years ago. The Great recession of 2007-09 affected the company badly leading to the loss of many good artists as they switched to other professions.

2011 - 2019

Struggling, Shaking and Balancing

Slowly the company found its way to get the right track. The beginning of 2011 witnessed Chinese online buyers. It changed the market drastically not only it helped to increase the market but as well as it taught us how to acknowledge technology and the convenience brought by it. Meanwhile when everything was going smoothly a big shake from the earthquake shattered everyone in 2015. However, Thamel market (tourism hub at Kathmandu) boomed back again. Tourists from all around the globe came back with higher potential for the company.